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Within this page, G & S gives information on legal aspects of its WEB site

Data processing, files and French Law concerning Freedom

Following the January 6, 1978, French law concerning data processing, files and freedom and the 43 article of the September 30,of the 1986 French law modified, this site has been declared to the French National Data Processing and Freedom Commission (CNIL).

The users of the site g-et-s .com are to follow the rule of the French law concerning data processing, files and freedom, rules which if broken may lead to penal sanctions.
Concerning information containing names of persons, information to which the internet user may access, the internet user has particularly to avoid, any collecting, biaised use, and more generally any act which could endanger the private life or reputation of the individuals.

Following the article 34 of the January 6, 1978 of the French law N° 78-17 concerning data processing, files and freedom, the user has the right to access , modify, correct and suppress data concerning himself. He may use this right by writing a letter to G & S offices indicating the nature of his request.

Use of collected data
Information like names, addresses,.... collected on the G & S site will not be used for other purposes than the ones indicated on the site. Never are they foreseen to be sold, commercialised or rented to third parties.

Data confidentiality
Information given by an internet user and stored by G & S, are considered by G & S as not to be given to a third party without the internet user's consent. Though G & S has set up protections (SSL cryptography), G & S cannot give an absolute guarantee on the confidentiality during the internet messages transmission.

In the case an internet user wants to transmit strict confidential information, he should contact G & S directly (see contacts).

Informations display on the G & S site G are not confidential, but they cannot be reproduced without a formal written agreement of
G & S (see Copyright).

G & S responsability
Continuously, G & S does its best to ensure that the displayed information is correct, but the internet user may not, in any way, considers G & S as responsible of a vagueness or an error, and will not be entitled to request any damages coverage or interest from G & S in the case such an error has brought him prejudice.

The online content displayed by G & S is the result of G & S intellectual activity (in the intellectual property right point of view).
G & S is the owner of the texts and data as well as the trademarks, illustrations and graphical elements as logos, drawings and models, or of which he has obtained the right of usage. G & S has all the intellectual property righs concerned. Any reproduction total or partial of this site and its content, by any processes , without prior strict written authorization by G & S company, is forbidden and will be considered as a counterfeit sanctionned according to the L335-2 article of the intellectual property French law.

Internet links to and from G & S
G & S will be glad to see links be set leading to its site assuming they are in line with its activity. A formal authorisation is to be obtained from G & S. which will study any request for reciproqual link with attention. Contact the Webmaster


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